Mar 23

Senior citizens: power to live to the fullest

The elderly should pay attention to their daily diet. This is an important part of the habits affecting health at any stage of life.

If you going through this stage of his life aware that is a common mistake opt routine tasks as shopping at the market or cooking. This activity will bring the benefits of a healthy diet and will serve as a brain.

By decreasing physical activity in adulthood, it is required to consume fewer calories. Aging causes a loss of muscle mass and an increase in the percentage of body fat.

Would not be surprising that you feel lack of interest in food due to various causes: from increased difficulty to digest certain foods, little gustatory sensation by taste, to depression and loneliness.

In the third age, people are more likely to suffer problems of anemia, high blood pressure or diabetes. But with a diet healthy and balanced can prevent continuous visits to the doctor by constant complaints.

The diet at this stage of life should be handled with the nutrients that keep in optimum conditions the individual from age 65, age in which the composition of the body undergoes specific changes as metabolic alteration of glucose and lipids in the blood, sensory changes with disturbance of taste, smell, vision and hearing, and decrease gastrointestinal activity.

Take note of the following guidelines is to enjoy good nutrition and health at this age.

Organize your time

Make a purchase weekly planning the nutrients it needs. Even if you only live, dare to cook. Do less is no excuse, since it can freeze several portions for days that don’t feel like cooking.

Prepare the ingredients and keep an eye on the cooking times are routine exercises that will distract you and benefit you indirectly.

What should you eat?

Make at least three meals a day including breakfast. A weak set of teeth is not sufficient reason to eliminate from your diet as essential as meat products. If this is your case, the solution may be in purees with all kinds of ingredients: vegetables, fish and, of course, meat.

Daily eat different types of cereals, bread, rice and noodles. The fiber will help you maintain a good intestinal operation and reduce the risk of chronic diseases in the heart and diabetes type 2.

Drink at least two litres of water a day (from 8 to 10 cups). Even if you’re not thirsty, it is essential to protect against a possible dehydration. In addition, take milk, juices and teas that bring you nutrients, proteins and calcium.

Even if you only live, dare to cook their own meals. Prepare the ingredients and keep an eye on the cooking times are routine exercises that benefit him and distract.

White meats are better than the red ones.Add to your weekly purchase of Turkey or chicken, always without the skin to reduce the amount of fat. Don’t abuse coffee or alcohol.

Vegetables, legumes, vegetables and fish must have an essential role in their daily diet. Dairy products should be your best ally against osteoporosis: opt for milk, cheese and yogurt, and if they are skimmed, much better.

What must you avoid?

Reduce the calories in your diet because your physical activity is less.Beware of cholesterol. Put aside the fried and, if you make them, use sausages oliva.Coma oil only exceptional, tapped so that the sweets.

Don’t abuse the salt. It is important that food be well-seasoned because eating is a pleasure at any stage of life, and to advanced ages, in which usual medications, the lunch is not one torture more precisely.

Adding spices like thyme, Rosemary and laurel, will provide flavor to dishes, while it will prevent hypertension.

Remember that it is never too late to make healthy changes in life.